Saturday, July 30, 2011

July newsletter

Greg here. Below is our newest ministry update. It's been a challenging summer... sharing our family for two months straight has produced some trials. But it's also been a blessing to see and hear transformation in the lives of 31 college students. As I type this, I'm overhearing two students, Tori and John, talking about what will be the toughest part about leaving the Beach Project. John said to Tori, "Honestly, it's going to be weird not being around three kids." I've told them before that I know I'm loved when others show love to my wife and kids. Our kids are ADORED here (as they are back with our Arcadia students) and I'm certain that we've been able to have a part in making this house a home for the past two months.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Update in pictures!

Hello all, I have a blog post that I am currently composing in my head about the summer. I am back in Philly for a week and I need to get Caed all packed for camp, so I can't sit down to write. Here are some pics from summer for a quick pictorial update!