Monday, April 14, 2008

Loving Homosexuals Part 2

I wasn’t able to attend Chad Thompson’s talk because of a CCO staff seminar in the Pittsburgh area during the time he was in town. However, from the reports of several students, it was well attended. You can imagine the excitement of the 10-14 students who regularly attend the Arcadia Christian Fellowship (ACF) meetings when almost 50 students came to hear Chad speak. In fact, one professor brought her entire Pluralism class!

Chad brought a message of compassion and love. His encouragement to the Church related to how we go to such great lengths to convey our biblical position of homosexuality being wrong that we diminish the message of love in the process. The Christian community (particularly on college campuses, where the urgency of declaring sides often trumps the art of diplomacy) has disproportionately emphasized “hating the sin” over “love the sinner”.

Our students were excited about Chad’s talk, as well as some one-on-one discussions that took place afterwards. They were encouraged by the event and hopeful that new dialog will begin as a result.

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