Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Poems by Renneth

Renneth is a student at Arcadia who is involved with our ACF group. She has shared several of her poems at our monthly coffee house. I asked for her permission to share a couple. Here they are...

The Sound of Worship
By Renneth Grey

Oh Lord, My God
How can I begin to describe your Glory?
The King, spoke heralds of you in psalms
Shouting, “forget not all his benefits!,”
“He who heals our diseases!”
“He who forgives our iniquities!”
Like this, I will praise you my God.

You gave your creation
That sound of worship
Which pours from the harp of ancient Israel’s king David
It flows from the piano of the contemporary Marty Goetz
Reminding Zion of your honor and faithfulness

Like in David’s music, I will praise you
In Goetz Sanctuary, I will give you the Shechkinah
In my own way Lord
I will give you the sound of worship.

The Persecuted Church
By Renneth Grey

Everyday throughout the world
Many say the name of Jesus
Some as a curse
Expressing the anger dwelt within
Some as a name of power
That flows in those that believe

This name of power
Turns into a name of hope
Hope that is Evident
Even in the furnace of persecution.

Suffering encompasses all
But few suffer for him.
Suffering means dying
To your will and your ways
Taking upon a new life
Following the one
that was slain, rejected,
And scorned .

For this reason
Hard is this path.
At times it means loneliness
At times it means death.

Why follow such a bitter road?
When one could rest on the great meadows
Blossoming in the world’s vanity.

For to follow the bitter road,
Is truly life.

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