Friday, December 18, 2009

Long week

I am sorry it has been while since I posted anything. It has been a long week. Greg has been having back spasms at night which have keep both of us awake. We have been dragging through each day bleary-eyed.

Last night the pain got so bad we decided at 4am it was time to go to the emergency room. We are so blessed to live with students who are willing to come over at any time of day or night to lend a hand!

Amazingly the ER was not crowded, and we got right into a room. Greg's x-rays came back clear so the Dr said it was a muscle problem. 1 Demoral shot and a Valium later, Greg was in la-la land.

He has slept most of the day. His back pain seems to have dulled a bit, we will see how tonight goes.

I would appreciate your prayers for our family right now.

On top of it all it appears that we are in for 10+ inches of snow over the next couple days! I restocked the pantry this afternoon so we are all set for the winter wonderland. Check back for pictures!

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