Monday, November 1, 2010

Wow, What A Week!

Last week was one of those weeks when we realize that we can work ON the ministry until we are just plum worn out (leading small groups, discipling students, and baking for get togethers) but the LORD is the only one who changes people!

I am just overjoyed to tell you that we have 2 new sisters in Christ! Here are their stories:

Greg and I met Candace (she's fine with using her real name) last semester. She was friends with a few girls from ACF but hadn't shown much interest at the time in diving into a Christian fellowship. Greg and I began to pray for her this semester when we first saw her and she told us that she had been looking forward to getting more involved with the ministry. In a chat with Greg on Tuesday Candace shared that she needed to quit her small group because she felt like she needed to be right with God before coming back. They talked about grace and that He accepts us where we are. This concept was at first difficult because there wasn't something she needed to do to deserve salvation. Nothing was keeping her from receiving Christ so they prayed together!

"Linda" is a good friend of Candace and also the roommate of one of our small group leaders. She came to our fellowship for the first time last night but had no idea about Candace's recent decision to follow Christ. Greg had previously asked Candace if she was ready and willing to share her decision aloud at our large group meeting on Thursday night. She shared from her heart, through tears, about her decision to follow Christ. At the end of the fellowship gathering, a student and a co-leader initiated conversation with "Linda" about what she thought of everything. Ten minutes later we had a new sister in Christ!

God is at work here and we're thankful for all the ways you partner with us for the sake of the Gospel!

Can I get an AMEN?

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