Thursday, June 5, 2008

Debut of Counter Culture

Last Saturday night our church group had it's first "Counter Culture" event. It is a time where we get together for a meal from a different culture and then talk about that country, the state of the church, and hear prayer requests for that country. Our first even featured Ethiopia and a little bit of Kenya. One of our students from Arcadia was gracious enough to cook an authentic Ethiopian meal.

It was a great opportunity to help our church group begin thinking more missionally. We hoped these type of events excite the group about participating in the Great Commission as well as educate us about the ways in which He is growing His Church in other areas of the world. Here are a few pictures from the event...

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Crazymomoftwo0203 said...

Hey Girl, things are good in cola. town! congrats on your new one to be! I thought you wanted just 2??? was this planned:), I know it was by God! You'll have to let me know how 3 is... Greg looks great, that was a great idea for him to try to lose weight by getting others involved. Things look they're going great with you all too! Great to hear from you!