Tuesday, February 17, 2009


One Word: Amazing!

It would be impossible to share all of our weekend with you, so here are a few of my personal favorites.

Friday night there was a one woman play titled "Juliet: A Dialogue About Love". Here is a brief synopsis:

Melissa Hawkins stands alone on the stage, inhabiting the body and soul of a woman who is possibly dead.

The woman, whose name is Juliet, tells stories of the desolate Romanian prison where she was captive after the Hungarian revolution of 1956.

Her husband was imprisoned elsewhere, she reveals, and her seven children clamored around her for any morsel of food. Juliet clung to memories of her husband – his photographs, his love letters – and longed to hear his voice, touch his hand and share his bed.

When she succumbed to illness and was carried to the prison camp’s morgue, she met God, the one in whom she had placed so much trust. Their encounter was not peaceful.

“She grabbed him by the shirt collar,” Hawkins says, “confronting him about abandoning her and her family.”

“She refused to be Job,” adds Christopher Markle, head of performance in the NIU School of Theatre and Dance and the play’s director. “ ‘Why did you cast me in the role of Job? Why are we being persecuted? What did we do to make us suffer?’ ”

Here is a short promo video.

Moving beyond words...

My favorite speaker was Andy Crouch. He recently wrote a book titled "Culture Making: Recovering Our Creative Calling."

We also enjoyed a couple break out sessions with Andrew Marin of The Marin Foundation.

Overall it was a great weekend of inspiring music, drama, talks, and fellowship. Thanks for all of your prayers!

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