Monday, March 30, 2009

Pajama Party!

Thank you friends for your prayers friday night! They were answered in a way that I could never ask or imagine!

There were 20 girls that came for all or part of the night, including a couple that I had never met!

The night started with a fun game of is always a good ice breaker! Then we had a bit of a workout! I know this seems strange but one of the girls brought a Bollywoord workout DVD and we all tried it out. It was a lot of fun and even more laughs!

After a chocolate break we sat down for a short video.
(Hint-have a tissue ready!)

The theme of the night was the importance of authenticity in our community. This video highlights the importance of "running" with others. The concept of authenticity and community is something that this generation desperately wants but has a hard time finding.

The first part of the night we talked about the importance of authenticity. It was a thought provoking discussion. Later on in the night we had the opportunity to practice what we preached! By this time several people left to got back to their rooms to sleep so it was a smaller crowd. A couple girls shared their struggles and we had the privilege of lifting them up to our Father in prayer. One asked the simple and yet difficult question "How do I trust the Lord"? It was a precious time.

We wound up the night with one of our favortie movies... EVER AFTER! Bed time was about 3:15!

My favorite part of the sleepover is always breakfast the next morning. It was just a fun time of fellowship over coffee and an AMAZING breakfast casserole (Thanks Tammy!).

Thank you again for your prayers. PJ party night was a great time for the ladies of ACF to connect as we "run" together.

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