Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Tuesday nights I (Ashley) lead a small group bible study for 10-12 students. This semester we have been going through Acts. This week we are looking at Acts 14. In this chapter Paul and Barnabas perform miraculous "signs and wonders" in the name of the Lord. The people in Lystra misinterpret these acts and start to worship them as gods. Paul and Barnabas were so distraught at idea of taking the place of God, and being worshiped that they tore their clothes. They tried to explain the good news of Christ with the people, but the they would not listen.

This got me thinking about idolatry in our culture. On the surface this commandment seems a bit outdated. People are not making golden calves to bow down to....are they?

I ran across this video in my research for small group tonight.

I like what Mark Driscoll says at the end of the video. The commandment that seems to be the least relevant "may be the most relevant commandment of all."

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Richard said...

What a thought provoking video! Thanks for sharing this guys.