Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Jubilee this weekend!

Friday afternoon we are packing up a 15 passenger van and hitting the road to Pittsburgh! Jubilee is a conference that the CCO puts together each year.

Why is Jubilee weekend such a big deal?


God cares about every square inch of his creation. That includes colleges and universities, academic majors and future occupations. What does it look like to be faithful to Christ in these settings? How do you integrate your faith and your learning? Is there hope for our broken world? We don't want to settle for easy answers to tough questions.

The Jubilee conference is designed to help you wrestle deeply with the challenges of being students of Jesus, and professors; citizens of His Kingdom, and of this world.
Is a whole life devoted to Christ and the common good possible? Jubilee invites you to "come and see."

Here is a short video of what our weekend looked like last year. Enjoy!

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