Friday, December 3, 2010

Anita Keagy @ ACF!

During the Spring of 2009 I took a few students to a ladies luncheon sponsored by a local church. The speaker that morning was a lady named Anita Keagy. Her story touch all of our hearts so much that I KNEW I had to try and book her to come and speak at an ACF large group. A few weeks later I contacted her ministry to try and set things up...and they were already booking for Dec 2010!

I am just in awe of the Lord's timing. He knew that on Dec 2, 2010 He was going to use Anita's story to touch the hearts of almost 60 students!

Through her story of teenage pregnancy, giving a child up for adoption and years of longing to connect with her daughter beautifully parallels how much the Lord longs to be be our loving Father, and connect with us through his letters to the Bible.

One of the things I love about Anita's ministry is that she doesn't tell her (amazing) story and then leave...she gives people the tools and a plan to start learning how to seek the Lord first each day. She gave students a 21 day Challenege to seek God in His Word and learn more about who He is. She gave each student a Seeking God First Journal with the 21 day challenge explained on the front cover, a little Gospel of John, and a highlighter to get them started!

There is nothing that gets more more excited than seeing God's word come alive to someone! Please join me in praying for our students to make time to spend with the Lord in his word for the next 21 days, and that it would be an amazing time of hearing the voice of God through his letters to us!

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