Friday, December 10, 2010

ACF Christmas Party & Ugly Sweater Party!

It is hard to believe that this semester is already coming to an end! Last night we hosted our annual ACF Christmas Party and Ugly Christmas sweater party. It was EPIC. See the pics below!

It was a crazy night, but also quite touching. I have asked permission to share with you a poem that Monica (one of the 6 new believers this semester!) wrote and shared with the group last night.

This Christmas

By: Monica Mazzarella

This Christmas I need to tell a story
I need to shout it out to the world
Not only of a baby, but of a saved girl

This Christmas I finally see
All that god has given me; the beauty is of tranquility

This Christmas of hope, of joy and of love
That reigns through the earth and the heaven’s above-
A baby was born on this god given day,
The savior that would show his people the way.

This Christmas I know that Jesus is my savior
This Christmas I know that he works in my favor

This Christmas I rejoice for a baby that came
To take all of the world’s sin for his blame.
The silent night has been revealed with brand new eyes
The tears of feeling lost no longer stream from my eyes.
My god has been my rock, he eases all my pain
I feel like a child, I have so much to gain.

This Christmas is special, it’s one of a kind.
I finally know what true love is for the first time.
I can now spread the truth, of the Who? What? Where? and When?

Because on September 18th , I was born again.

This sweet angel is Monica. See that light in her eyes? It's Jesus. :)


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