Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Catching up! GOOD GOOD stuff going on!

School started back up in late August and we've been staying very busy with the ministry here. I'm excited for the number of first-year students who are getting plugged in to this ministry.There are currently 8 small groups going, covering topics from the Gospel Centered Life to tough questions of the faith to Pauline epistles to Jonah. Our large group gatherings on Thursday nights are going well.
Our fall retreat in September was great...check out this video for a taste of our crazy good weekend! (Our theme was "I quit trying")

A praise I wanted to share with you is that Alaina, a first-year student accepted Christ as her Savior last week! Her small group leader, Kate, met with her for breakfast and shared the gospel, gave her a chance to respond to it, and prayed with her to receive Christ! Pray for Alaina and our students as she begins this new journey and others gather around to support and minister to her.

A prayer request... I'm going to be hitting the pavement to increase our financial support level. I really need to focus on it for the next few months in faith that God provides a bit extra here at the end of the year. Some extra administrative expenses (insurance), family expenses, and ministry expenses have increased and what's coming in is about $1500/month less than what going out. Please pray with us for provision, for me for boldness to ask, and for faith to those God calls to support us. If your church or individuals you know would be interested in more info, please follow up with me.

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