Thursday, October 20, 2011

Challenged and Encouraged

Challenged and Encouraged is the name of the blog one of our students writes. Let me just tell you a bit about this amazing lady. Not only is she an excellent writer, she has a heart bigger than her little body can contain. She is going to graduate this May (after fitting 4 years of college into 3!). The Lord has been working OVERTIME in her sweet heart...I will let her tell you about it...

It's not about me. It never was. It's never going to be. It's about that tapestry up in the boughs of heaven being sewn together by God's great hand- it's those moments when a person struggling feels like the light has been left on for them. It's the community that leaves that light on and watches and aids the struggled body make its way to safe shores. It's those moments when I lay down in bed at night (or at 3 am) and just breathe deep thanking God for putting His work in front of me. For working pieces of this out at a time. For presenting me with moments of testing, but for making me work all the same.

For hands outstretched and a heart clear cut. For days like today, when I can still hear the courage through moments of loss and anxiety. Hey God, thanks. Truly.

What else? Well, there's the huge monster of Grad School and graduation. That comes around after night when I'm laying down and just, well, God just knows. He gets my fear. He gets my wonder and that's all there is to it. The formulas and plans I thought I had before are still existent, but they're changing all the same.

I know, after weeks of research and understanding, that God is starting to push me toward teen/ youth work and counseling. But even more, He's pushing me toward the door of biblical counseling. If you knew me just one year ago? This NEVER would have been a path. But here I am, caught in the thick and dedication patches of God's plan. He's writing to me, and i need to properly find the words to answer back.

Can't you just put yourself in her heart after reading her words?

I cannot tell you how encouraging this young lady is to me personally. It has been a rough start to this semester for me. I have had a lot of trouble getting back into the groove of things. On the ministry front, things are not how we envisioned them to be at this point in the semester. After reading these words I am reminded that it is not so much about how we think things should look. It is about hearts being changed. Lives being transformed...

God is so Good. HIS mission in being accomplished on this campus.

Pray with me for this sweet young lady as she boldly follows the Lord's plans for her life.

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