Monday, January 28, 2008


These words mark my first blog post…ever. Even now I’m unsure of what I ought to discuss in this oh-so-special first bog entry. The ideas I’ve thought about eventually expounding on just don’t seem ripe to be plucked from my mind and set onto this virtual platter for your consumption. Not yet. I could lead you, the reader, to marvel at the transformation of our life situation over the past year. Perhaps a diatribe on how my first-ever New Year’s resolution to lose weight has resulted thus far in a net gain of 2 pounds? I’m sure those topics will eventually see daylight. Just not here, not now.

As I thought about what to share as an exciting first blog submission, I wanted to pick from the things we are most excited about. I also wanted to use the perfect key word, as it would set the right tone. Incredibly, there’s one word that is simultaneously the best word and the worst word to describe what we’re seeing God do here: extraordinary. The ministry we see taking place is amazing, special… extraordinary. And since those amazing things happen regularly they are not unusual, irregular… extraordinary. It’s evident that God is doing some pretty awesome things at Arcadia and His work is so regular that it’s not “out of the ordinary”.

In fall I began spending my Monday afternoons playing football with some guys on campus. That interaction led to a player, “Mike”, asking me for guitar lessons. Mike and I have begun regularly meeting to practice guitar, which is opening doors for more significant conversations.

I could begin another handful of extraordinary stories like this. What is so amazing is that praise-worthy and blog-worthy stories are beginning every day! Stay tuned since there’s more to follow!


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