Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Ministry Update

I have so many thoughts about this topic that this post might seem disjointed...if so, I apologize.

While we had a wonderful Holiday season, we are VERY excited about getting our second semester up and going. Things here at Arcadia University are in a bit of a restructuring mode with new ACF (Arcadia Christian Fellowship) student leaders this semester. Last Saturday Greg led a training day here in our apartment. After a home cooked breakfast, (COOKED BY GREG!) the officers spent the day planning events for this semester and exploring different ways to create "community" within our group. We will let you know how those plans turn out!

Ministry at our church is going well too. We feel like we are settling in well. I (Ashley) have had a couple opportunities to participate in a mini girl's night out with some of our 20-somethings from church. The most recent night out was actually last night! I had a 6 girls over for dinner and an exciting game of Apples to Apples! It is amazing how much you can learn about others through that game! :)

Talk-n-coffee (our sunday morning study time at church) is picking up as well. Greg is teaching a new series on how media (TV, Movies, and Music) affect us as Christians. It is very thought provoking. I have been helping him read through some books on the topic, it has made me more aware of how much the "noise" affects me.

Anyway, that is it for now. I hope this gives you a little glimpse into our lives...more to come. Stay Tuned!

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