Friday, April 3, 2009

Apartment Update:

Greg sent out an email to several friends this week asking for prayer. Just in case you did not get it is.

Long story short, we live in an apartment complex owned by the university where we are serving in campus ministry. We live in a 3 bedroom apartment and LOVE having students over for meetings, Bible studies, and fellowship times. The space is okay for our family, but has quickly become inadequate for all the gatherings we host.
The property manager just forwarded my request for us to move into another apartment--one that used to house the maintenance manager. It's almost twice the size of our current apartment, with a fourth bedroom, 2 extra bathrooms (more than we need!), a bigger kitchen, and a living room twice the size of what we currently have! This space is more than we need, but is just right for the vision we have to see our student fellowship grow in depth and size.
This other apartment is currently in "circulation" for students to lay claim to it for next year. It would need to get pulled form the list of available student apartments. A decision will be made soon by the Students Affairs office. I'm just asking you to pray with us for His provision!

Here is the update...

Greg spoke to the property manager this morning and she said that she got the green light from student life to release the apartment to us! PRAISE THE LORD!!!

Go ahead and do the happy dance with me and Elaine!

We still need your prayers though...They need to adjust our rent for the extra bedroom. We do not yet know what the rent will be, they are trying to figure that out now. This is already an expensive place to live, but we happily make the sacrifice because living among the students is a HUGE part of our ministry as we live Jesus in front of them.

Please pray that the Lord would be in control of it all. He owns the cattle on a thousand hills and is more that capable for providing for our increase in rent! Pray also for wisdom. We do not want to be irresponsible with the Lord's money.

Thank you dear friends for interceding for us!

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