Monday, April 20, 2009

Enjoying the Breeze

As we started the 21 day challenge of reading through John a couple weeks ago I had no IDEA what the Lord was doing. It seemed like a good idea, so I went with it... When I read John 3 that first week I was intrigued by the idea of the Holy Spirit moving like the wind in our lives.

WELL... the title of this post "Enjoying the Breeze" is definitely an understatement for the past few weeks! (But enjoying the GALE force wind didn't have the same ring!)

I told you a couple weeks ago about the student who accepted Christ the week before Easter. Evidently that was just the wind picking up! (Ashley's entry)

(Greg's entry)
Last Thursday ACF held an outreach event on campus. I needed to be at a CCO training event 4 hours away was but was able to participate for the first couple hours. While there, I was talking to 2 student when someone else tapped me on the shoulder. I turned around to see Blaise.
I first met Blaise a year ago. It was a warm spring day with lots of students hanging out on the soccer field in the middle of campus. I heard Blaise playing guitar outside and introduced myself. We talked about music and guitar stuff for over an hour. That was the last conversation we had until Thursday.
B: You're a campus minister, right?
G: Yeah. What's up?
B: Do you think we could get together to talk and pray sometime?
G: Sure! When are you free?
B: How about Sunday?
We exchanged numbers and agreed to connect on Sunday.

Later in the day Ariella was engaged in conversation with one of our ACF students at the outreach. They wrapped up their conversation, but Ariella decided she still had a few more questions. She approached Greg Baker, another campus minister who helps out on Thursdays, to talk more about Jesus. He invited her to the fellowship meeting later that night and immediately after the meeting told Greg Baker that she wanted a relationship with Jesus Christ! They prayed right then and there. Since Ariella already knew several people from ACF, she felt comfortable enough to come back to our apartment where we host the AfterParty. She announcement to everyone that she just accepted Christ. That was Thursday.

On Sunday I texted Blaise about getting together. We met up at 7pm and sat in a corner of the Castle (yes, there's a real castle on campus!). He commenced to share what was clearly the work of the Holy Spirit in his life. He wanted Jesus and knew His resurrection and victory over sin were the only way to the Father. We got on our knees and he prayed to receive Christ!

Begin praying with us for Ariella and Blaise's new journey! And praise Him, too!

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