Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Harvest!

Family and Friends,
I'm excited to get to tell you that 2 students placed their faith in Jesus Christ in the past couple weeks!

Russell is a senior who transferred to AU before his junior year. God brought a couple students from ACF across his path and they began inviting him to our fellowship meetings. He began attending ManNight, our weekly guys-only Bible study and outreach time. Over the past few months he has become comfortable with the group of guys and had openly described his faith journey as still in the stages of discovering who God is. I brought that journey up with him yesterday as we met for lunch.

With the time bathed in prayer, we talked for over an hour. He needed to think on some things and we agreed to reconnect before our Bible study began later that night. As we met up again, he was ready to hear more and share more. When I asked him if there was any reason not give his life over to Jesus Christ, he said "no". We brought Binu, Russell's ManNight accountability partner and good friend, into the picture. They met together for 45 minutes and, upon returning to the group of guys, shared that he just trusted Christ as his Savior!

Welcome to the family, Russell. 3/29/2010

Jincy is a girl who attends Ashley's girl-only small group. I hadn't met her before she decided to go on the DC Urban Plunge over spring break. I knew nothing about her but was glad she stepped out of her comfort zone to join a small group of students--none of whom she knew. While in DC, her eyes were really opened to the varying forms of racism and poverty. Her heart was being softened. By this time (through a lengthy conversation with her) I was sure she didn't know Christ and had been relying on her works and religious upbringing. She realized that a couple days later and, during a set-aside time of individual prayer she accepted Jesus as her Lord and Savior! However, not knowing that her new family would want to celebrate the good news with her, Jincy only shared that with me today!

Welcome to the family, Jincy. 3/17/2010

Lord, we celebrate the addition of 2 children to Your family. You are a gracious Father and Your mercies are new every day. Thank you for the bountiful provision of Jesus. Amen.

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babster104 said...

Hey, that is really exciting! I'm so happy for ACF. I pray that you guys continue to put your faith in God, and that he continues to bless you as you move forward. Amen to Russ and Jincy!