Friday, March 26, 2010

PJ Party Tonight!

Tonight it one of my favorite nights of the semester! It is the ACF girls PJ Party! I am particularly excited about tonight because of our theme. The question of the night is "Do you think I am beautiful?". I know this sound weird, but we are going off of a theme from a book (and bible study) by Angela Thomas by the same name.

This blurb about Do You Think I Am Beautiful? is taken from her website:
The question is uniquely feminine, and it resides in every woman's heart, in spite of her best efforts to ignore it. Although she aches to be adored and desired, she decides that it is good enough to be loyal, hard-working, strong, or steady. But there is Someone who finds her beautiful, who adores her and seeks to woo her to Himself. Best-selling writer and popular speaker, Angela explores the deep and life-changing implications for women who come to realize that. Practical Bible teaching and real-world advice help readers bridge the gap between the life a woman longs for, and the life she actually has.

Sounds awesome, right? ;)

Please pray for open hearts and a good time of discussion tonight.

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