Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Obama at AU!

Friday afternoon the news spread like wildfire that Obama was coming to AU to give a speech on healthcare. As you can imagine, Obama Hysteria erupted! Tickets were given out at Saturday around 3:30, but students began to line up outside the Gym at 7pm Friday night!

Check them out:

All that waiting just to get this:

Some camped out again on Sunday night in order to get good seats on Monday!

A few students who are also in ACF were chosen to sing the national anthem!

Here are a couple pics from the speech:

There were secret service agents all around campus. There were even some stationed in the parking lot of our building as I came back from the store! And check out the heavy machinery:

There was also a tea party protest in front of the university, here is a segment from the local news coverage:

Greg was not planning on going, but he was on campus Monday morning when someone said there were extra standing room tickets if he wanted to go. He said it was a bit like a rock concert with people yelling and screaming "I LOVE YOU!" to the President! Politics aside, it was a fun experience.

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