Friday, April 16, 2010

Are You Hungry?

Thursday afternoon ACF set up a proxe station about world hunger on campus. Students in ACF signed up to "man" the table during peak meal times.

The idea behind a “proxe station” is to create a spectacle on campus (they are big, colorful, and put in a public space) that draws people in and interactively engages them in a topic that relates directly or indirectly to spiritual things.

Here is what ours looked like:

Here is how an average conversation started:

"Are you hungry?"

· Do you have a minute to take our quiz on world hunger?

· “We have a bowl here that has 1 cup of dry long grain rice. In an impoverished country or in an emergency food situation, how many people do you think this feeds?

o This 1 cup of dry rice would feed 6 people and would be their only meal that day. Humanitarian Assistance

· “We also have a water bottle. Clearly, this water is really dirty. Do you know how many people lack access to clean drinking water and are forced to drink water like this?

o 1.1 Billion World Water Council

Well, as you can see on this board there are lots of pictures depicting hunger. Tragically more than 13,000 children under the age of five die due to hunger each day! More than 852 million people in the world are malnourished.

This lead into questions like:

In these situations of injustice surrounding the global hunger crisis, what do you think your responsibility is?

Do you think there is a solution to the injustice in the world?

How do you think God responds to these injustices?

The "script" goes on from there to explain how God is a God of love and he hurts deeply when He sees injustice in the world. And then, depending on the interest level of the student, salvation is explained.

We had a great response from students on campus. Please pray that the seeds planted yesterday will fall on fertile soil and bear fruit!

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