Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Taking A Little Walk

Have you ever though of life as a little stroll?

For some reason, I have found this to be a theme of my life. I can look back and see that the Lord has orchestrated seasons in my life where He allows company along this walk. I am thinking of:

*My Parents who were/are a true example of giving.
*My english teacher/drama coach in high school that loved the Lord and poured into me love and confidence.
*Precious friends from college, where we all walked with each other towards Christ through everything from silliness to huge life decisions.
*A dear, DEAR friend in South Carolina who shared my excitement for getting into the Lord's word even when we had toddlers running around and Barney blasting from the TV in the background!
*Most of all The Lord has given me a leader, partner, and best friend in my husband.

There are many more examples. Some that lead me on a little trail away from the Lord, but many more (Praise God!) that lead me towards Him.

Imagine how my heart jumped when I saw a picture of this walk/relationship in the life of the Patriarch Abraham! But it was the Lord Himself who was walking with Abraham!

In Gen 18 the Lord appeared (in flesh and blood!) with 2 other heavenly visitors to Abraham. I LOVE it that we are allowed to eve's drop on this conversation. After they have had a good meal and a little conversation where the Lord reiterated His promise to bless Abraham, 2 of the visitors left to make their way to Sodom to check out the situation there. The Lord stayed with Abraham to take a little walk and work through some things.

I love that the Lord walked with Abraham as he interceded from Sodom. The God of the universe was patient as Abraham as he ASKED questions. As I read it, I kind of got a little embarrassed FOR Abraham. I was thinking "really Abraham, you are pushing it a bit!"

But then I realized that the Lord not only allowed those questions he INVITED them. The fact that God was willing to be there, to share a meal, and to engage in a personal and tangible relationship INVITED Abraham to ask questions. God created an atmosphere where Abraham could approach Him and work some things through. That is a conversation, a relationship. That is God meeting Abraham where he is and taking a few steps with him.

Isn't that what we are all called to do as Christians?

The Lord has put us on this earth for a short time. We are trying to walk the path that the Lord has set out for us. There are times when the Lord blesses us with others to walk alongside. These relationships are the whole reason for the path, it is not to get to the destination!

I can see this theme of "life as a little walk" continuing in our ministry. It is actually at the heart of what Greg and I do everyday. We have the honor to walk alongside students for a short time. We get to spend time, share a meal, play a few games, and share a few laughs. All of this relationship building leads to the real purpose of life, to point each other towards Christ.

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