Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Ocean City

This summer one member of our ACF leadership team is living and working in Ocean City NJ with the CCO's Ocean City Beach Project.

What is OCBP?

The Ocean City Beach Project (OCBP) is a summer-long community living opportunity for Christian college students to develop further as campus leaders. The Project provides the opportunity for you to grow personally in your faith and to develop a deeper vision for your life. At OCBP, you work and worship in one community while being challenged to become a kingdom leader. You live with other college students in a large beach house while you make an impact on the New Jersey shore. At the end of your time at OCBP, you will not only have sand in your shoes and the taste of salt water in your mouth, you will have developed character and skills to become an effective leader.

Yesterday we made the 80 mile trip from Philly to Ocean City to visit Russ on his day off from work. We had a great time meeting several of the students in OCBP and spending the day with Russ.

We ate at the famous Mack and Manco's Pizzeria on the boardwalk and then enjoyed ourselves at Wonderland Amusement Park!

Caed and Abby rode their first roller coaster! Caed LOVED it, Abby was not so sure but would rather try something than be left out!

Here are a few pics!

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