Sunday, February 27, 2011

A week later...

This time last week we were just returning from the Jubilee Conference! Greg has been collecting student reactions all week, and I thought you all would like to read a few.

Sarah said :
The theme for Jubilee was injustices in God's eyes and what we are called to do in response. Going to sessions focusing on healthcare and rescuing the oppressed raised my awareness. At that point God broke my heart for what breaks His. I was heart broken for the people all across the world that are living in poverty and desolate conditions, but what could I do? I am just a young woman living in suburban PA after all. Combining my passion for serving God and healthcare, I realized that I could use my skills to fight the injustices happening right here in Philly. You don't need to go far to find poverty, just drive down Broad Street. Jubilee opened my eyes and helped me determine what I am called to do.

Rose said:
Jubilee was a fantastic experience for me. What I took away from the weekend, that the main thing, is that I am is a Child of God. Lately I feel like I've really been splitting my life into difference pieces- one for school, one for work, one for Jesus, one for thinking about the future. None of them have really taken the front burner, and it feels weird to not have one main thing to focus on. This weekend it was so clear to me- Jesus is the front burner. Jesus is the number one thing, the thing i'm living for. Once I know that and live that, all of the other things will just fall into place.

Dave said:
For myself the session about my major had the greatest impact. I have been uncertain of future plans for a while, but after going to the session discussing Mathematics through the lens of faith I have a renewed sense of how my vocation can honor God. It amazed me how great and many the analogies between modern math and the infinite nature of God are, and that through understanding math better I can more clearly understand and articulate truths about Him. From this I have been affirmed in my desire to move forward to graduate school without feeling that I'm wasting 'Kingdom Resources' in the meantime. I thank the Lord for the Holy Spirit guiding the speakers words and all who helped to get me there to hear them - I was truly blessed by the privileged to attend Jubilee.

Wow! How can you not be excited for all that the Lord is doing in the lives of this generation of believers?

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