Thursday, February 17, 2011

What an Honor!

Greg here.
About three months ago I had the privilege of assisting in Caedmon's baptism. It was an honor both because I am his earthly dad and because he is my "true son in our common faith". Ashley and I shared Jesus with him and helped him understand man's sinfulness and God's grace as shown through the perfect spotless lamb, Jesus. Caed responded to the gospel on Feb 22, 2007. This was a special moment that I treasure.

In October I had the opportunity to share Christ with a student on campus. Candace has continued to grow in her new faith and is being discipled by Ashley.

This new faith goes against the grain of her upbringing, but she has experienced God's grace as she continues to navigate through those difficult waters. On Wednesday night Candace approached me to let me know she decided she wanted to be baptized. I was thrilled that she was ready to take this next step of obedience. But I was surprised and excited that she asked me to stand beside her and the pastor and assist in her baptism. I praise God for letting us sow seeds, glimpse the harvest, and walk along our new brothers and sisters as they make these decisions. Candace, my true daughter in our common faith, is special to us and her request humbled me.

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