Sunday, March 6, 2011

About Ashley

No, this blog post is not about me. It is about a student named Ashley.

Ashley trusted Christ as her Savior the summer before her freshman year in college. She is a deep thinker and feeler...and LOVES anything and everything purple. Ashley, like many students is trying to figure out how the Lord is going to use her gifts, talents and heart in this world.

Last year a couple who has served for many years with Trans World Radio hosted a pizza night for anyone interested in internships with TWR. Ashley was there that night, and she felt her heart tug. She applied this fall for the internship and was accepted... She tells the story so much better than I could...

I just read a blog post she wrote this week about her journey. I am just blown away by all that the Lord is teaching her. I know you will be blessed to read it.

Ashley's Blog is called A Separate Sky.

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