Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Public Declaration of Personal Faith

Greg here.
On Friday afternoon Jincy and I made the short walk to Dunkin' Donuts to catch up. It has become the place we go about every 6 or 8 weeks so I can hear about her young faith journey and encourage her in her new walk. Jincy trusted Christ on March 17 last year. She shared about her growth and the ways she has seen the Holy Spirit work in her heart.

We also talked about baptism. Jincy was very close to a decision about making public her faith through baptism. She decided to take the next step of obedience. On Sunday afternoon she joined ranks with three other girls from our fellowship who all worship at the same local church and were taking this next step of faith together. The pastor allows someone who has been part of the faith journey to assist him with the baptism. I previously wrote about the honor of being asked by another student, Candace, to help with her baptism. Jincy asked the same of me and I was equally privileged to help.

Jincy, Candace, Monica, and Caylynn all publicly professed their faith and were baptized on Sunday!

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