Saturday, May 16, 2009

Another Chance to Trust

The following is a paragraph from our most recent newsletter:

We’ve seen God do some pretty amazing things in both our own lives and those of our students this year— especially the past few weeks. We know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that God has put us here and is blessing this ministry. Yet He is currently reminding us to trust Him in all things. I have partnered with a local church for the past two years and served as the Director of College Ministries. The church, which subsidizes about 1/3 of our monthly support, is shifting its focus and resources toward the youth and family ministries. It has opted not to renew its contract with CCO for a third year. I’m thankful for my time with the church and agree that this decision best positions it for long-term growth. My service at the church will wrap up in July when my contract ends. We’re excited for what God has in store! Pray with us for His direction and provision.

Update: Greg has been meeting with several area churches about his vision for the ministry here at Arcadia. It has been going well. He has been encouraged by the response. Please continue to pray for the Lord to provide.

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