Thursday, May 7, 2009

We hate to see them go BUT...

Oh, to watch them leave! (That is a line from a country song)I realize this sounds bad, but stick with me here.

Tuesday was the day all of the underclassmen had to be out of their dorms on campus and their apartments here in Oak Summit (where we live). Students throw away anything and everything they don't want to take home or can't fit into their cars. It's astonishing how much nice stuff gets tossed!

For those of you who know Greg, this is like Christmas morning to him! This year we made out like bandits! We got a brand new-in-box vacuum, lots of storage shelves, an entertainment center, countless rolls of toilet paper, a rug, a lamp, 2 (real, not fake) potted palm trees, and a giant inflatable basketball hoop and ball! This is just to name a few things! What made it all worthwhile was this..

a GIGANTIC universal remote for the TV in our bedroom! (Here is a picture of it next to our regular tv remote)AND it actually works!

Go ahead, laugh if you want but we know you are secretly jealous! :)

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richard Sanders said...

Aren't these GIANT remote controls like for people over 65 or legally blind. What in the world will you do with this besides beat Greg over the head during a Panther's game :) Yes, I am jealous to use it for this.