Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Before the Throne

This morning I read Rev 4. In this chapter John describes what he saw when his spirit was ushered unto the throne room of God.
This is what Beth Moore had to say on the subject...
"John had the perspective-changing opportunity to do something all of us secretly wish we could do. For a little while recorded in Rev 4 and onward, he got to see life from heaven's perspective. His description implies something tremendously profound: everything else in existence is most accurately described only in its relationship to the throne of God."
How would our view of the world, our lives and struggles change if we viewed life as it stands in relation to the throne of God? Do we believe that the King of Kings can manage our life and problems?

I have been singing this song all morning since I read about the the throne of God...

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eLisa said...

How funny! God is speaking, isn't He! Let's worship together!