Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ummm, Wow!

Friends and Family,
Before reading on, take a look back at the 5-40-106 Challenge that we gave our students in April. The first section challenged our students to "pray regularly for opportunities to share Christ with 5 friends." I also took this Challenge and was praying for 5 people. In all honesty, I wish I could tell you I was more faithful about praying regularly than I actually was! God is still gracious and is delighted to answer according to His purposes.

One of the guys I was praying for was "Sam". Sam and Dave were good friends and were the first two guys to come to the Guys Night I started in February. We built a good relationship but one that has only yielded a couple conversations about God and faith. Until last week. I've edited (and punctuated) the conversation he started with me over text last week.

Sam: Hello There old friend.
Greg: Hey! You back?
Sam: Not yet. This weekend though... quick question. You're a Christian, right?
Greg: Yes.
Sam: I wanna find a religion to believe in. I'm so lost as to what's out there, so I could use some guidance. I know there's more out there and I want your help to explore it all.

How exciting! Pray with me for "Sam" and the opportunity the Holy Spirit is giving me to share Christ with him.

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