Monday, August 3, 2009


Thanks for coming back. I have had a few health problems that have kept me away from y'all but I am back now. Obviously ;). But I have to be completely honest. While I was down physically I was also down spiritually. Why does it always happen like that?

I am so grateful that the Lord has my heart no matter what. He never lets me wander far, and there is always a lesson learned in the journey. As a matter of fact I am still learning the lesson. Here is the idea I am working through:

What type of woman do I want to be?
God created women with influence. How are we going to use that influence?

I am not in any position to expound on the right and wrong ways to influence. But I can point you to an interesting contrast in scripture. This contrast starts with the picture of Thyatira in Rev. 2. Stick with me here.

Under Roman rule Thyatira was a thriving commercial center in Asia. We have 2 portraits of 2 different women from this city and they could not be more different.

Jezebel was a powerful woman. She was controlling and used her influence to lead people into sin.

In contrast Acts 16 describes a woman named Lydia. She was a successful business woman, but she saw her need for the Lord and led her whole household to be baptized.

These two women have given me a lot to think about. Do I want to use my influence to control and manipulate to get what I want? It sounds like a silly question but we do it without thinking about it!

NO I want to be the type of woman the Lord created me to be. Influential and Powerful...not to get what I want, but to accomplish what the Lord has for me to do.

Definitely something to think about.

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