Wednesday, August 5, 2009

What a difference a day makes!

Monday morning I woke up, made a menu/shoping list for 2 weeks worth of groceries, went to the store and started my week. Little did I know that 24 hours from then I would be on a plane to Orlando!

My sweet sister had back surgey 5 weeks ago. I have heard that recovery is long and hard for any back surgery, but she also has 2 toddler boys to contend with during the whole recovery process. Praise the Lord she has had lots of help from family and friends. So when she called Monday afternoon to see if I could fly down to help out I jumped at the chance to spend some time with my sis and her family!
Soooo Tuesday afternoon Abby, Cole and I flew to Orlando! I was certainly nervous to fly by myself with the kids, but the Lord went before us and we had a smooth journey. Here are a couple pics I took on the plane:)

We are here for the next 2 weeks so Caed and Greg are on their own for a bit. I have a feeling there will be plenty of dinners consisting of cereal and OJ!

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