Sunday, July 19, 2009

Big Day!

When I tell people about our blog I usually tell them it is a family/ministry/encouragement blog. In my mind it all runs together. There is no way to completely separate any of the categories in our lives. Family IS ministry...Ministry IS sharing with you and others what the Lord doing here in the lives of students at Arcadia as well as what the Lord is teaching me. I hope that my silly family pics and stories encourage you (or at least make you laugh).

Today falls into the family is ministry category. A couple hours ago we dropped Caedmon off at his first sleep away camp. 6 WHOLE DAYS away from his mama.... I am having a harder time with the idea than he was! It is a Christian camp that has come highly recommended by friends. This week Caed will swim, ride horses, shoot rifles and sling shots :\, and learn about God's word. How fun does that sound?

On the packing list for Camp was of course a bible. This combined with Caed's new found LOVE of reading made Greg and I think this would be a perfect time to get Caed his own bible. He was SOOO excited. It is a bible especially for 8-12 year old boys, complete with gross facts you never wanted to know!

I know in the grand scheme of things this day is a minor blip, but in the life of a little boy it was pretty huge step towards independence as the Lord molds Caed's little heart to be more like His.

If you think about it pray for Caed this week, a worried mama would appreciate it. :)

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Kim McGee said...

Shooting rifles?! And you still let him go? You are braver than me! I will be praying for all of you!