Thursday, July 23, 2009

A break in the clouds

Yes, indeed the clouds are merely the dust of the Lord's feet... see this post.

What a beautiful symphony the Lord has put together with the events of our lives! I can look back now and see the thunder and lighting bringing this masterpiece to a crescendo...and then the Lord steps in with the sunshine.

My dear friends yesterday the Lord showed us just how big He is! He has provided for our family above an beyond anything we could have thought or imagined!

Let me give you some background to set up the story. Most of you know that the end of July marks the end of Greg's partnership with a local church as the college/20's director. We are very grateful for our time there, and we agree that the church needs to focus more family and youth ministry. The end of this partnership also means the end of the church's financial support that amounted to about 1/3 of our paycheck (just enough to cover our medical insurance).

There was never a question in our minds about whether or not the Lord wants us here at Arcadia. But there WAS a question about how we were going to make up that part of our income. All spring/summer we have been praying that the Lord would be HUGE in this situation. Greg has been talking to local churches about partnering with us to reach students and there have been many promising conversations, but nothing concrete has been established.

It was getting down to the wire. This is the last month that our medical premiums are going to be paid through our co-op at the church.

THEN the sunshine came!

Yesterday the Lord showed us us once again that HE is in control of HIS economy! He provided a way for us to keep our current $900/mo great insurance coverage for FREE!

YES you read that correctly, FREE! We never saw this coming! I cannot give the details but I am sure you know as well as me that God is in the details.

This provision almost completely makes up for the loss of our co-op position!

Praise the Lord with us today!

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Lori said...

Praise God, that is awesome!