Thursday, July 16, 2009

Summer Storms and Life Lessons

As we sat down to dinner tonight a summer storm started brewing. It got ugly fast. There was intense thunder and the RAIN came down hard. It was the kind of storm you feel in your gut. It effects your mood for the rest of the day.

In this dreary haze I got up to do the dishes and realized something odd. It was still raining but I could see sunshine clear as day. HOPE. Gradually the rain stopped. I looked out the window to survey the damage but all I saw was vibrant and refreshed vegetation.

Do you see the spiritual lesson played out in a summer storm?

Thunder out of no where.

Torrential rain.

Clouds break but the rain continues.

Rain slowly ends.

New, more vibrant life.

We are in a bit of a downpour in our lives right now. I cannot tell you how encouraged I felt watching the summer storm run it's course in our back yard. I am looking forward to the vibrant life this storm is going to produce in our lives.

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Kim McGee said...

You all are beautiful. I am praying for you.